September Brings Growth to the Metabolic Health Alliance

Metabolic Health Alliance MHA September 2020 Clinician team education team
We appreciate your patience as we’re getting started!!

MHA Team Clinicians – September notes

Focus – Standard of Care Guidelines

Chair – Adele Hite (See a list of Metabolic Health Alliance volunteers and their biographies. Corrections & additions welcome!)

Type 1 Diabetes – 

Directed at clinicians who are already in the metabolic health / low carb space. 

Type 2 Diabetes 

Initial protocol outward facing, for clinicians who are less familiar with metabolic interventions.

Chair – Juan Carlos Torres-Urrutia. Team: David Crutchfield, Donal Collins, Adele Hite

Standard of Care general points

  • Extend existing guidelines to treat specific metabolic conditions.  Help clinicians who need the evidence basis for this intervention.  
  • Protocols – include what diagnostic tests to run when. For example, including cut off points for normal range for fasting insulin assays

Registered Dietitian sub-team

Tailoring protocols to the needs of dietitians and Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE), especially regarding T2D. Once protocols are agreed upon would address education.

Alyssa Gallagher, Emily Norbryhn, Adele Hite. 

Building my metabolic health practices.

Members – Cecile Seth. Vyvyane Loh, David Crutchfield, Philip Ovadia

Future Wish list

  • Education module for Employers on the cost savings of T2D
  • Research on behavioral approaches to lifestyle modification to achieve metabolic health. My greatest challenge is modifying behavior in patients. We know what to recommend, but how do we get patients to comply? (Team approach).
  • Undergraduate course online.  (Starting with an inventory of existing modules and gaps)

Useful ideas

  • Target clinicians with information to help them educate their patients.
  • Target patients with information they can bring to their clinicians. 
  • Diabetes is an insulin resistance problem not just a disease of high blood sugar. 
  • Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) documentation of a hypoglycemic episode that has occurred may induce insurance coverage 
  • Patients need to be informed and then be able to choose their particular treatment that fits their goals and life view. Document in patient records.
  • Consistency of terms and content across platforms facilitates understanding and clarity
  • Establish baseline measures – Critically important to document the current state of metabolic health care to have a point against which to measure progress. E.g., nutrition and metabolic education in medical school. Sophisticated funders will want to measure the metabolic health movement’s effectiveness against a baseline to demonstrate cost savings, health improvements, etc 

Insightful Nuggets 

  • “Unique, unprecedented involvement by clinicians”
  • “Food first, medication reducing approach”
  • De-prescribing links (Add)
  • “Because of our experiences, we feel obliged to teach / help other people.”
  • “Metabolic health approach is a bridge builder. (many ways to get there.)  A diplomatic effort.  A multi-disciplinary approach.”
  • “Pay us if we add value.” Reduction in medication costs pays for the metabolic intervention

MHA Education Teams

Chair – David Pendergrass.

Education – Inventory existing CEU’s and identify gaps

  • Audit Diet Doctor CME – Chair – David Pendergrass
  • Roadmap of accreditation pathways to be recognized by Nutrition Network, Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners and Low Carb USA  – Doug Reynolds

Education – Organizing Research

Research – Sarah Rice, Philip Ovadia, Travis Statham, Cecile Seth. 

  • Organization schemas 
  • Methodology – Will build on Siobhan Huggins’ tagging guidelines
  • Use Cases 
    • Help clinicians document this intervention in their patient notes with listings of major studies by indication? 
    • Will help understand Issues – Research summaries, deep dives or wider nets into other areas (diseases, animal models, evolution, paleoanthropology), platforms (Wix, Zotero, Reddit,), effort involved.

Education – Students

  • Starting with Medical Students – Nicholas Norwitz & Christine Najjar
  • Engaging with the metabolic health curious – Nicholas Norwitz.

Future (need volunteers)

Education Self Insured Employers & Under-served Groups

Cecile Seth – Will reach out to Vyvyane Loh & Tony Hampton

  • Develop talking points for an initial self-insured employer target.
    • Reduce medication costs with metabolic health, real food.
    • Reduction in medication costs pays for the metabolic intervention
  • Under-served Groups

MHA – Legal, Legislative, & Regulatory Team

Antonio Martinez, Dan Pincus, Cecile Seth, Nina Teicholz.

Meet Thursday 10/1, 10 am (Eastern Daylight Time/New York) Google Meet

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