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Targeting Self-Insured Employers

January 28, 2021 @ 1:00 pm 2:30 pm EST

Promoting Metabolic Health - Self-Insured Employers

How might self-insured employers structure a metabolic health benefit?
October’s meeting’s Agenda & links
1) Post – “What Foundations support Metabolic Health?” How can we improve our understanding of this space?

2) Post – “Communication guide for Metabolic Health“. Please review & make sure we’re aligned.

3) What might a metabolic health benefit might look like?  We need talking points for 2 self-insured employers.  Review these Google docs in “Insurance MHA folder” on Google Drive: “Self-Insured providers – internal” and  “Self-insured providers – external”.

5) Reinsurance talking points  – What other building blocks will this group want to see from us?  What would other large donaters want to see?  E.g., Baseline data.  Would a MH “data lake” for researchers be desirable and beneficial?  Easier if user permissions built in early.


Organizer – Metabolic Multiplier

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