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Volunteers welcome! Join a team event.newsletter. Make a suggestion. Accelerate Metabolic Health Alliance & Society for Metabolic Health Practitioners.

Promoting metabolic health through lifestyle Military veterans

Military & Veterans

Meeting Agenda Discuss how we might promote metabolic health through lifestyle for veterans and members of the military. 2021: 5/10, 6/14, 7/12, 8/9, 9/13, 10/11, 11/08, 12/13. Eastern Time (New York). Second Monday of...

Organizing research

Organizing Research Portals

Research is the heart of evidence based medicine. Organizing studies that support metabolic health. Organizing both curated and broad libraries. Using Zotero and leveraging the /ketoscience subreddit

metabolic health education team A B

Education – US evening team

Patient education materials for metabolic health interventions. Nominate, review & organize. Peer review by fellow clinicians & scientists.


Our Clinician team develops & promotes standardized protocols for implementing metabolic health interventions in clinical settings. T1D & T2D

Dietitians and Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE)


Resources Joint notes & draft presentations in shared Dietitian Folder Patient toolkit: Prediabetes and type 2 diabetes Other patient & clinician education content nominated for review Future Meetings 2021: 5/11, 6/8, 7/13, 8/10, 9/14,...

metabolic health education team A B

Education – Europe & US midday team

Patient education materials for metabolic health interventions. Nominate, review & organize. Peer review by fellow clinicians & scientists.

Promoting Metabolic Health - Building My Practice

SEO Mastermind

Share SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ideas among peers promoting metabolic health. Bring an SEO question or insight to share with each other. Note time change to evening.  Can join from the Metabolic Multiplier website....

Promoting Metabolic Health

Promoting Metabolic Health

Communication, Social Media & Leadership – How do we make people care about metabolic health? Join Nevada Gray (the Paleo Pharmacist), Adele Hite, Christie Barnett, & Cecile Seth to brainstorm options and choose the best.

low carbohydrate nutrition references research

Low carbohydrate nutrition references curate research for 40+ metabolic conditions

We’re celebrating our Organizing Research team launching a big project with Metabolic Multipliers Sarah Rice & Nutrition Network Curated research by metabolic condition Can you name 40+ medical conditions with a metabolic component?  Would...

Promoting Metabolic Health - Self-Insured Employers

Targeting Self-Insured Employers

Agenda Working on a post “How might self-insured employers structure a metabolic health benefit?”  Would love help brainstorming. October’s meeting’s Agenda & links Post – “What Foundations support Metabolic Health?” How can we improve...

MHA SMHP MM Metabolic Health Alliance Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners

Three advocates team up for metabolic health – MHA, SMHP & MM

We understand the importance of bringing stakeholders together. So, three advocacy groups with similar goals teamed up. Metabolic Multiplier, Metabolic Health Alliance and Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners. Metabolic Multiplier (MM) Mission – Accelerate...

diabetes statistics ethnic groups hardest hit

Supporting Metabolic Health in Communities of Color

Future Wish List Food 4 Health Alliance, another lobbying group, has been active. They might be interested in a focus group with Metabolic Health influencers within communities of color. When Metabolic Multiplier published Leaders...