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Volunteers welcome! Join a team event.newsletter. Make a suggestion. Accelerate Metabolic Health Alliance & Society for Metabolic Health Practitioners.

Dietitians and Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE)

Dietitians & CDE’s

Social get together for Registered Dietitians and Certified Diabetes Educators. Join our virtual tea with your favorite beverage. Meeting agenda & notes. Shared Dietitian Folder Meets 2nd Tuesday of each month from 7 to...

Military veterans

Military & Veterans

January Meeting Agenda Discuss how we might promote metabolic health for veterans and members of the military. 2021: 1/11, 2/08, 3/8, 4/12, 5/10, 6/14, 7/12, 8/9, 9/13, 10/11, 11/08, 12/13. Eastern Time (New York)....

Science Time B

2020: 9/14. 10/6, 11/3/, 12/1, 2021: 1/5, 2/2, 3/2, 4/6, 5/4, 6/1, 7/6, 8/3, 9/7, 10/5, 11/2, 12/7. Education Chair: David Pendergrass,

Science Time A

Curate training & certification programs, public awareness learning activities, & raise the profile of metabolic health interventions

Promoting Metabolic Health - Self-Insured Employers

Targeting Self-Insured Employers

How might self-insured employers structure a metabolic health benefit?October’s meeting’s Agenda & links1) Post – “What Foundations support Metabolic Health?” How can we improve our understanding of this space? 2) Post – “Communication guide...

Clinical Protocols & Toolkits

Our Clinician team develops & promotes standardized protocols for implementing metabolic health interventions in clinical settings. T1D & T2D

Promoting Metabolic Health

Promoting Metabolic Health

Communication, Social Media & Leadership – How do we make people care about metabolic health? Join Nevada Gray (the Paleo Pharmacist), Adele Hite, Christie Barnett, & Cecile Seth to brainstorm options and choose the best.

Promoting Metabolic Health - Legal, Legislative, & Regulatory

Legal, Legislative, & Regulatory

Legal, Legislative & Regulatory Team January Meeting Agenda Discuss how we might approach regulatory groups and agencies such as DARPA about Promoting Metabolic Health. October Meeting Take aways: Lobbying groups, Nutrition Network & Low-Carb...

Organizing research

Organizing Research

Research is the heart of evidence based medicine. Organizing studies that support metabolic health. Organizing both curated and broad libraries. Using Zotero and leveraging the /ketoscience subreddit

science team

Metabolic Health Alliance’s Science Team

Future Goals Will start once Education and Clinician teams have identified specific needs.** Promote visibility of nutritional and metabolic therapies in the scientific & layperson communities.  Create internships for those looking to get into...

Promoting Metabolic Health - Building My Practice

Building my Practice

Building my practice For Bios see Thank you to Metabolic Health Alliance Volunteers For Teams See our September meeting round up. Let us know where you’d like to help! Acting Chair – Cecile Seth....